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“Games Without Frontiers”


A beautiful female British agent hunts a former IRA man, funded by an American corporation that plans a wave of terror at the dawn of the Irish peace talks. GAMES WITHOUT FRONTIERS is an edgy thriller interweaving the shocking realities of today’s corporate scandals and international terrorism -- and a surprising link that bonds them.


Weaving the timeline of current events with fictional characters, GAMES WITHOUT FRONTIERS is a provocative suspense thriller in the Tom Clancy tradition with an added touch of raw human drama.

Never before has it been revealed that in their struggle to oust the British from their land, the IRA was challenged to come up with a new way to compete with a stronger, more conventional British Army.

Now the story can be told.  That funds from an American corporation went directly to the coffers of a terrorist organization in exchange for stolen designs for a product line that is positioned to revolutionize the biotech sector.

Shock waves continue to reverberate as a major revelation unfolds; that British Intelligence in its determination to crush the IRA – would willfully abduct and enlist a female Protestant terrorist to infiltrate not only the IRA but the American company responsible for funding them.

And only now can it can be revealed that as the sun was rising on Northern Ireland’s greatest window for a power sharing agreement, one man would sabotage the fragile peace talks – just as they are about to commence.

Blinded by the obsession of his birthright as Northern Ireland’s liberator, he will ruthlessly hijack peace in exchange for a future run to become the first Prime Minister of a unified Ireland.  And the hidden agenda he will use to accomplish this dangerous goal includes staging a split with the IRA, assassinations, manipulation of the media and convincing one faction to bomb others.  In short, a masterful orchestration of sectarian terror financed with corporate contributions.

It can now be revealed that the crisis had escalated to such intensity that it took the actions of an alluring female agent and an honest corporate officer to undermine his company’s support of a most unrelenting terrorist; a man who would gain power by plunging Northern Ireland into civil war.

These compelling themes are documented in Games Without Frontiers, an original screenplay by David G. Knappe.  This edgy suspense thriller captures the behind the scenes machinations of today’s headlines - from terrorism to the current rise of corporate scandals. It is the first motion picture that dares to expose the link between them.

Set in Belfast, New York and London, Games Without Frontiers is rich with three-dimensional characters and tight pacing.  Unlike previous Irish films, Games Without Frontiers will both thrill and inform audiences with the most insightful look yet at the struggle for peace in Northern Ireland.


Blending the raw human emotion of In the Name of the Father, with the intrigue of Patriot Games, audiences will thrill to this stark look inside the Irish Republican Army and their enemy, the UVF. A tight suspense thriller that offers the most intricate look yet at the Northern Ireland question.

The son of an assassinated IRA leader, Brian O’Donnell has long cherished what many saw as his birthright.  He would be the man who would bring the Irish Republican Army into the modern age and root the British out of Northern Ireland in a glorious battle.  Brian pioneers new fundraising techniques through the theft and sale of proprietary information from one business to another.  He taps the mother load when an American pharmaceutical company pays Brian an endless stream of money as the company builds profits on stolen designs. Brian ascends to a seat on the Army Council.

But when Sinn Fein opens a secret dialogue with the British, Brian is enraged as his destiny is to be denied - in favor of diplomacy.  Brian breaks with the IRA to form his own political party as he continues to receive funds from the American Company.  Joining Brian as his Lady Macbeth, is another IRA operative, Ashley Brennan, a one-woman death squad who possesses all the charms of an innocent young girl.

Enter John Farrell, Special Forces Veteran of the first Gulf War and now the Vice President of a Fortune 500 company, enjoying a meteoric rise in the international marketplace. Through the persistent research of Colin Jefferies, (a Fleet Street reporter who looks more like an Oxford Don), John discovers his company is funding Brian’s operation.  Failing to convince the authorities, John’s struggle to infiltrate the operation takes a challenging turn when his only advocate appears as a lovely MI5 assassin, Kiera Harrison.

Kiera is a fascinating, complex heroine.  Or is she an anti-heroine?  When she was a UVF soldier, Kiera used sex as a weapon to lure and kill numerous IRA figures.  When they were both young, Kiera was part of a hit team that assassinated Brian’s father and very nearly killed Brian.  After a UVF bombing she participated in mistakenly kills a British official, she is kidnapped by MI5 and is given the choice of serving British Intelligence or prison.  With her experience of sectarian warfare with the IRA, she chooses to be bound to MI5.   Already under constant threats of reprisals for her nefarious activities in the past, Kiera is a study in contrast and depth – as she has had to forego intimacy in her uncertain world.

Together, Kiera and John uncover Brian’s plan to disrupt the All-Party-Talks and to orchestrate sectarian violence in the North, while he milks the media for sympathetic coverage.  Brian then buys the services of rogue units, far removed from the leadership of the IRA and the UVF to carry out operations in their name.  Brian intends to usher events from the sidelines for his own political rise and a future run for the first Prime Minister of a Re-unified Ireland.

A new complication arises as the once stoic Kiera, has fallen for John, a happily married and unattainable man.  As Brian plans to take the political stage, he is again thwarted.  This time, it will cost John personally.  His family kidnapped, John must offer himself to win back his family.   In a moving scene, Kiera pledges total support to John’s wife, Cathy during the prisoner exchange.  A solid character herself, Cathy complements this film in the form of yet another strong female character in a solid suspense tale.  Intrigue and raw human emotion coalesce to forge a thrilling conclusion that shapes the future.

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