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Random Access Memory... There's nothing random about it.

RAM is a future noir thriller set to star Ray Park (Darth Maul in Star Wars Episode 1, Toad in X-Men and Snake Eyes in the GI Joe film franchise. Jack Mulcahy (Jack McMullen in The Brothers McMullen, Wesley in Sex and the City) and numerous indie films co-stars.

In the not too distant future, an elite unit of mind control police are deployed in the battle against terror.  Senior agent Damien Maxwell uncovers the truth of the operation and unravels a mystery tied to the very existence of his soul.

By the year 2029, technology transfers have become the new sexy crime of choice. Former drug dealers now peddle Fantasy Plus – a wearable PC full of uploadable fantasies – tethered to a sleek cyber glove that provides electronic stimulation to the pleasure centers of the brain.  While this technology had been encouraged to stem the tide of traditional drug use, a flaw in its design was exploited by information merchants.  The result: compromised national security.  Peddlers found a way to hide classified information at the cellular level.  Undetected, couriers can now sell defense secrets to the highest bidder with a simple download at one of the thousands of Fantasy Clubs throughout the country.

To combat this new security threat, an elite unit of mind-control police is deployed.

Ram Teaser Trailer 1, “What is Ram?”

The unit is so secret; it does not even exist - officially.

Perpetrators who store sensitive information are subject to a punishment that fits the crime -- brain termination -- upon detection by an arresting officer.

DAMIEN MAXWELL and GREG EVANS are two agents with a rogue agency born out of the FIFTH PATRIOT ACT. Greg is engaged and family focused, while Damien is a callous, unromantic rogue obsessed with power.

MELISSA and KAREN, fellow agents don new disguises as patrons of a Fantasy Club fronted by the Government where the virtual drug Fantasy Plus runs rampant.  Here, unsuspecting perpetrators dance the night away on Federal property with an eye toward “scoring” State secrets.  The agents use sex and fantasy gear to stop would-be couriers.

Melissa, a beautiful woman, has a tortured past, losing her husband at the murderous hands of a rival agency, funded by the opposition party.  She has designs on using memory implants for a personal project... creating a perfect man, worthy of making Mary Shelly proud.

Ram Teaser Trailer 2, “Time”

Enter HAL, a mysterious stranger keen on herbal cigarettes.  He lures Greg into friendship with the promise of "a brotherhood that protects all that we hold sacred... our freedom."

Ever the dream-weaver, Hal also lures Damien by promising him that which he holds dearest... the power over lives.  What Damien receives instead is his own battle with mind control.  As he begins to lose his own short-term memory, his obsessions with power are replaced with a kinder outlook.  But when a surge of alien flashbacks is furiously unzipped in Damien’s mind, reality spirals out of control with a shocking discovery about the true nature of his identity.

As pawns in a psychodrama, the characters endure mind-trips, intrigue and manipulation of the highest order.  The final hairpin plot twist at the end will leave audiences wanting to come back for a second look.